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All our liquids and soap are made in the USA, vegan & non-gmo. We don't use parabens, SLS, phthalates, triclosan, 1-4 dioxane or anything from formaldehyde.

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Why Did We Start This?


We thought we could make stocking your bathroom way simpler, and easier by putting it on autopilot and cutting out excessive choice - in a good way. Who needs 500 toothbrush options.


We found out that premium brands were pretty much price gouging. The truth is, healthy, quality products don't need to be expensive. The trick? Sell direct and be fair.


Our humble opinion: a lot of the packaging you see in stores is too busy and ugly once it's in your bathroom. We think packaging for these types of product should be clean - in keeping with what they do.

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Our Products Are Essential


We source only the best high-performing ingredients. We don't believe in using unnecessary trendy ingredients just for marketing. We've taken out everything that can be harmful, and our packaging design is clean and minimal.


We're a subscription. Therefore, we only launch products that almost everyone needs and uses. That's where we think the subscription model makes sense: with essentials you're going to buy again anyway. We save you the trouble.


We don't sell in stores because they need to triple the price of products to make a profit. By selling only direct to you, we can offer premium quality at a lower price. Besides, who wants to spend time walking through endless aisles of candy colored bottles anyway?

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